WYSIWYC® | What You See Is What You Cut

CHANGE the way you INTERACT with CNC machines |
Real-Time synchronized simulation with CNC machines

Perfectly aligned with SPRING NCEXPERIENCE® vision, WYSIWYC® offers a truly unique user experience to every workshop stakeholder - such as CNC operators and shop floor managers - by providing a real-time 3D machining simulation synchronized with the real machining, an unparalleled ease of use, and "workshop" dedicated ultra-mobility.

We are offering our customers the opportunity to synchronize the virtual 3D environment with the real world of the workshop. A major technological breakthrough and a big step forward that paves the way to flexible production.

Altogether, we are looking forward to meeting the industrial challenges of the future."

Gilles Battier, CEO

Dealing with tougher production constraints, obsolete PCs, "Gen-Y" operators...and fear of Machine Downtime!

CNC operators today are facing ever-increasing pressure on production flow, while shop floor managers are chasing any sources of machine downtime.

As Obsolete PCs restrict access to state-of-the-art technologies, manufacturing companies have a hard time recruiting "gen-Y" operators to run their powerful but highly complex CNC machines.

Remote Real-Time Machining Synchronization – NCSIMUL Player Synchro based technology

To help companies get the full value from their CNC machine tools, SPRING has developed a 100% mobile solution that synchronizes both CNC simulation and work instruction sheets with machine tools.

WYSIWYC® is implemented on a rugged, easily portable tablet PC such as the Panasonic Toughpad, enabling simultaneous real-time supervision of several CNC machine tools, and offering operators a clear, instant picture of where and what actions are needed.

Key Benefits

Higher shop floor productivity, up to +25%:
  • Information immediately available: allows a time saving of 2 hours per operator and per program
  • Secured operators: A significant reduction in the number of errors, an improved decision-making and a relay 3 * 8 more fluid
  • Easier multi-machine supervision and full mobility ensured
Invaluable help for Generation-Y talent recruitment:
  • With access to state-of-the-art technologies, mobility and modernity. WYSIWYC® becomes an essential tool for "Gen-Y" operators and programmers.

Education - CNC programming for all:

  • Lower budgets for machines and rough stocks leads training centers to guide NC programming learning toward a virtual reality environment, thus avoiding very expensive investment.