NCSIMUL 4CAM Capabilities

"Hybrid" Programming

  • Generate CNC program from diversified input data: CAM files in neutral format (APT/CL-data), G-code files (Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, and Num), or native 3D CADfiles
  • Unique programming flexibility through the mix of input sources
  • Modification or enhancement for recycled programs by reusing existing APT or G-code files, and manufacturing process optimization with a simple copy/paste action
  • Partial or total toolpaths replacement, from imported APT or G-code files, by new toolpaths calculated by NCSIMUL 4CAM

Error-free programming in native CNC code

  • Capitalization of G-code modifications (e.g. machine proven out ...) directly into NCSIMUL 4CAM
  • Single file tracks the part machining history, including the resources used and the machining steps
  • Edition traceability

No more external post-processor

  • Integrated CNC processor, natively calculating the CNC program based on the logic of the machine and the CNC controller
  • Optimal linking between machining sequences, tilted plan, polar mode, spatial correction...
  • Withdraw the usual post-processors development costs and setup
  • User friendly format output customization (program header format, for example)

One-click reprogramming

  • Change the CNC machine targeted in one click, to automatically generate a new G-code program on-the-fly
  • Take into consideration the kinematics, CNC controller format and machine origins
  • Adjust the tool storage magazine configuration and cutting conditions to be compatible with the new machine
  • Automatic and optimal links recalculation between machining sequences (e.g. shortest distances, avoid collisions between the different elements, tools and machine axes.)
  • Ensure a total flexibility of production tools

Rest material dynamic management

  • Advanced programming comfort by viewing, at any time, the machined rough stock status
  • Evaluation of remaining work area to machine the final part, including full 5-axis machining
  • Saving the rest stock for a fast visualization by a CNC operator
  • STEP format export to be read by CAM software